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How do I book?

Please contact us to reserve your date.  We ask for a deposit of £100 to secure your booking, the remaining balance is due 1 calendar month prior to your event.  Payment can be made either by sending us a cheque made payable to K. Hannaford or by balance transfer.

How long does the booth run for?

We offer the choice of 3 or 4 hours. Because the booth is so popular, especially at weddings, we’ve found that anything less than 3 hours just isn’t long enough. However we’re more than happy to work with you if you have any alternative requests.

How long does it take to set up the booth?

It will normally take approx 45-60 mins to set up the booth depending on the location. We will always try to attend your event at least an hour before the start time which is all included in the package price. 

How does the guest book work?

We can set the booth up to print two copies of every photo, one for your guests and one for your guest book.  We then insert one copy into the guest book and encourage your guests to leave a message next to their pictures.

Can we use the booth outdoors?

Generally we will only set up indoors however with the increasing popularity of wedding marquees we will set up within a marquee subject to certain conditions

Can children use the booth?

Yes, however we may insist that children are accompanied or under parental supervision whilst using the booth. 

How does the video messaging work?

The photo booth has a touch screen giving your guests 3 options, colour photos, black & white photos or a video message. The booth is fully automatic and will switch between the different modes instantly so your guests can  have their prints or leave you a video message whilst in the photo booth. 

How can my guests view the photos?

After your event we will upload the photos to our website for you and your guests to view. This can be password protected if you wish.

What cameras/printers do you use?

Our photo booth is equipped with a Canon 700D digital SLR camera, this produces 18 megapixel photos and full HD video.  We use state of the art Mitsubishi dye sublimination printers.  These produce lab quality photos within seconds.

Is there a charge for travelling?

We are based in Camborne, Cornwall & will travel up to 50 miles at no extra charge. We charge 50p per mile for anywhere outside this area. This is to cover the cost of fuel and our additional travelling time.  

What are idle hours?

Sometimes it not always possible to set up or take down the photo booth directly before or after an event. For example, if you require the booth setting up at 6pm but do not want it running until 9pm, this would be charged at 3 idle hours on top of the hire costs.  Idle hours are charged at £25 per hour.