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How does it work?

It couldn’t be any simpler, your guests just pop into the booth, touch the screen for their preferred option and the booth will show an onscreen countdown before taking 4 great quality photos.  

The photos will be delivered within seconds and will be handed to your guests to take away with them.  If you’d prefer to leave a short video message just select that option from the touchscreen display and the booth will do the rest for you.

To make your photos even more memorable why not try one of our outrageous props! We have a huge variety of hats, wigs, glasses and accessories to really add to the fun.

Our sleek & stylish booths come with the latest in photobooth technology.  Each booth is fitted with a Canon digital SLR camera.  

These cameras take photos with an incredible 18 megapixels ensuring that your party photos are of the highest quality.  On the Canon 700D there is also a full HD video mode enabling guests to leave high quality video messages.

We use the latest Mitsubishi dye sublimation printers which produce lab quality prints within seconds for your guests to take away.  There’s no drying time required with these printers, as soon as the photos are printed they’re ready to go.

Our booths are fitted with modern touchscreens which have fully automated software installed.  Guests just follow the simple on screen instructions to choose between ‘colour’, ‘black & white’ or ‘video’ options.

With every photobooth booking we always supply a prop box crammed full of hats, wigs, glasses, masks & accessories.  Whether you want to pose as a sailor, fireman, police officer or pirate, we’ve got something for everyone.